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      Stakes That Perform As Ground Anchors

      If you set up on the flat clay Black Rock Desert in Nevada, high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains or your favorite beach in Florida, GroundGrabba has you covered.

      Based on a unique auger design, GroundGrabba’s revolutionary screw-in action combined with extreme durable carbon heat treated steel mean a faster, easier  setup time with greater surety than conventional tent stake designs can provide.

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      GroundGrabba drill-in ground anchor stakes are suitable for all but few variety of ground types. Your site and expensive equipment won't be going anywhere until you decide.

      How Traditional Stakes Work

      Conventional stakes are based on a spike or skewer design. They rely on the surrounding ground density pushing against the shaft of the stake and are all but useless for vertical loads especially if the ground gets compromised with water.  Normally such stakes are hammered into the ground at a 45-90 degree angle away from the load to rely on the grounds pull-out resistance to the shaft. 

      By doing this the tent stake cannot reach down to its full length and therefore has even less ground mass weight holding it down which is kind of like a double whammy of losses.

      How GroundGrabba Works

      The flights (or spiral) auger design provides a double solution to increasing the anchoring forces compared to a pin shaped hammer-in stake or even lag bolt designed screw-in stake:

      1/ When the auger flights bite into the earth it draws the stake vertically down to its maximum length with greater surety and purchase and...

      2/ The flights augurs extending out from the shaft creates a kind of plug shape in the ground of weight bearing down on the flights of the augur which a traditional stake simply cannot do.

      The density of the substrate will dictate the shape of the virtual plug or cone shape of earth that the flights will effect. The greater the density, the broader the shape. In sand for example there'll be very little plug shape if any therefore a greater depth is required for higher anchoring.  This is where our GroundGrabba Pro II and to a lesser extent our GroundGrabba Pro I come to the fore. 

      Why Can't One Stake Work For All Grounds?  Why Do I Need To Carry Different Stakes?

      Very early in our search for a one stake to do it all design we came to the sobering realisation that one stake will not provide a solution to all ground anchoring or staking situations. It's logical if you think about it, just like one motor vehicle won't suit all peoples needs or shoes for feet or food to eat.

      With virtually unlimited ground types in the world from solid rock to quick sand it is clear a one stake solution is not possible.  GroundGrabba's currently come in four different models (with more on the drawing board for larger commercial tasks):

      1. GroundGrabba Pro 12” 300mm steel for harder to average semi soft ground.
      2. GroundGrabba Pro 18” 450mm steel for not quite as hard to soft grounds including sand.
      3. GroundGrabba Pro 24” 600mm steel for not quite as hard to soft grounds including sand but with much higher anchoring ability.
      4. GroundGrabba Lite 15 ¾”400mm nylon for soft ground and sand only and NOT for vertical loads in soft sand.

      GroundGrabba adds Speed, requires Less Time and Energy so you can set up Faster, grab a beer, go fishing or simply relax.



      The four different models of GroundGrabba ground anchors.