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      GroundGrabba ground anchors are heavy duty and strong. Great for any ground, including sand.

      Tent Stakes on Walmart

      Depending on what you need your ground stakes for, you may want to consider GroundGrabbas for their high quality, durability, and longevity. Sometimes, just any old ground anchors will not do! Learn about the many applications and benefits of using GroundGrabbas in this helpful article. Read more
      This article covers how you deploy your GroundGrabba ground anchors for use.

      How to Deploy GroundGrabbas

      Although not rocket science, here is some helpful advice on how to go about driving your GroundGrabbas into the ground. 

      If you follow these directions for deployment of your GroundGrabba Ground Anchors for deployment and extraction you will be ensure the stability of your application every time. 

      We also share what tools are most helpful to make sure your GroundGrabba application is setup correctly and you maintain the integrity of your ground anchors and other GroundGrabba products. 

      Read on…

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      This article will help you understand the difference between heavy duty GroundGrabba ground anchors and the ground anchors you find on Amazon.

      Tent Stakes on Amazon

      Are you researching tent stakes on Amazon or are you going to Amazon looking for a particular type and style of tent stakes?

       Here at GroundGrabba we specialize in just tent stakes. Actually, to be even more accurate our products surpass that of a common tent stake and step over into what we call ground anchors.

      What is the difference between the tent stakes you may find on Amazon and GroundGrabba ground anchors?

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      How big do the holes need to be in order to fit GroundGrabbas?

      What Hole Diameter Do I Need For A GroundGrabba to Screw Through?

      We often get asked what size or diameter hole is needed for a GroundGrabba to pass through. We have two widths of GroundGrabba flights of the GR13 Model which covers the GroundGrabba Pro, Pro 1 and Pro II.

      You need a slightly smaller hole when talking about a thin material like sheet metal compared to a thicker material like timber.  With thinner material like sheet metal, the GroundGrabba can wind through like a screw but with a thicker material you won't be able to do that.

      Get the details!

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      This article covers how you can enlarge your easy up anchoring holes for easy set up.

      How To Enlarge Your Easy Up Anchoring Holes

      We have a common customer question that we want to answer for you. How do you enlarge your easy up anchoring holes?

      With these great tips you can easily enlarge your easy up anchoring holes. You just need some of your GroundGrabba tools along with a few other standard tools and a little bit of time. 

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