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GROUNDGRABBA - Heavy Duty Ground Anchoring Solutions
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      Safe summer fun with GroundGrabba ground anchors holding your bouncy house firm.

      Having a Bouncy House Birthday Party? Anchor with GroundGrabba!

      Spring and Summer kids birthday parties are the best. Outdoor activities, swimming, games of tag, birthday cake, and BOUNCY HOUSES! We all know where the kids first stop will be, and that is for flouncy fun, jumping and bouncing around those inflatable wonders of goodness. As adults, we even feel the pull of nostalgia remembering just how much we enjoyed it when we were kids. There is only one hitch: safety is no joke when comes to bouncy houses and other outdoor play equipment. That is why we recommend using your GroundGrabba ground anchors to ensure a secure, firm hold into the ground.  Read more
      Cape Lookout Lighthouse, North Carolina

      Experience Purely Natural Beach Camping at Cape Lookout North Carolina

      Are you looking for a camping experience that takes you literally away from it all? If you would like to camp in an undeveloped, pure beach environment, the barrier island of Cape Lookout, North Carolina is perfect. Unlike many traditional campgrounds, camping at Cape Lookout National Seashore has no formal campsites, and you will need to fend for yourself. Come fully prepared and you will have an unforgettable encounter that includes stunning sandy beaches and expansive ocean views. If you want an unforgettable camping trip, and are not afraid to rough it, this should be your nex Read more
      GroundGrabba has special offers for Dad for Father's Day

      Celebrate Dad With Special Offers From GroundGrabba

      With Father’s Day coming up, we here at GroundGrabba have Dads on the brain. For all the outdoor loving Dads, this year we have some very special offers just for them! Get your special Dad a gift of GroundGrabba and his next outdoor adventure will be the best he has ever had. With GroundGrabba screw in ground anchors, he will be able to save time and effort setting up his next campsite, allowing him to enjoy the outdoors more. More time for creating great memories with you and your family!  Read more
      Keith from A Koala Story

      A Koala Story: A Tree Planting Mission Part I

      The plight of beloved Australian koalas is fairly well known across the world, and many have chosen to step up and help in any way possible over the years. This is the story of Kevin and his wife Ru of GroundGrabba. In 2015 Kevin and Ru moved to Possum Creek, and quickly heard of the circumstances facing the koalas in Northern New South Wales. Koalas were losing their habitat at a disturbing rate. Very quickly, the couple decided they wanted to get involved and assist in expanding the koala environment near their new home. Read more
      Unique and fun, try a charcuterie board on your next camping trip

      A Camping Charcuterie Board: Deliciously Different

      Charcuterie boards are not just for indoor parties and gatherings anymore. Nowadays, you can get portable with this fun food trend and take one on your next camping trip!  With all the delicious meats, fruit, cheeses, and veggies, a charcuterie board brings a unique new element to camping that everyone will enjoy. You can get creative and really have fun with it, start with your favorites and take suggestions from your camping friends and family and see what you come up with. The great thing is, with all the variety out there the sky is the limit. Read more
      Camping with Man's Best Friend

      Camping With Man’s Best Friend

      There is a reason that a dog is “man’s best friend." Most dog owners want to take their beloved pet with them everywhere they go. There is no reason that camping should be any different. The excitement of an outdoor excursion is very healthy for your dog, and with the right training, precautions, and with a few tips, you can make your next camping trip a very thrilling one for both of you. Let’s take a look at the things you can do to prepare to bring your pooch with you next time out. Read more