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GROUNDGRABBA - Heavy Duty Ground Anchoring Solutions
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      Customer Reviews

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      Hugh Stockler
      Better than expected

      I anchor a 10x15 commercial canopy for events - had looked at some screw type anchors previously, but the reviews were mixed and it didn't seem like the durability was quite there. After 2 years of using 42" double-head tent stakes (absolutely miserable to work with), I found GroundGrabba and decided to give them a shot.

      They exceeded my expectations in every way. Installation and removal is a breeze with a cordless impact wrench. Exceptional holding strength. The closed hooks are very nice to use with ratchet straps. I hated the aesthetic (and trip hazard) of large stakes, as they have to be installed at an angle to get good holding strength. The GroundGrabba has great strength installed straight vertical and is extremely low profile when installed.

      After using several times, I have zero concerns about holding strength or durability. Well worth the money - I feel that they paid for themselves on the first use, just based on ease of installation vs large stakes.

      Thank you GroundGrabba.

      Hello Hugh, Thank you so much for taking the time to write your detailed review of our products. We REALLY appreciate it. :) I am very happy you have had such a great experience using them.

      As always, I am personally interested for feedback good or otherwise that can help us improve if needs be.

      Best regards David Levine Inventor and founder of GroundGrabba. :)