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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      James Bennett
      good job

      everything is as expected

      Thanks James. :)

      Excellent at the beach

      We bought these for our yearly OBX camping trip. Last year this happened to be during a tropical storm but we were already out there and decided to stay through it. We used these to hold down the large screened in canopy and it’s the ONLY piece that didn’t move in the wind. Every single tent and the other 2 canopy’s had to be re staked and tied to vehicles. The canopy staked with these didn’t move an inch all weekend. I will definitely be buying more and have recommended them to everyone I run into that camps.

      Hey Cory, Wow, that's great to read! We too have been caught out in a snap gale where we had a large tarpaulin 18' x 30' held down with 22 of our 12' ground anchors. The ground was sandy dirt. The flapping and major wind woke us at 1am! Long story short, after an almost sleepless night and getting up several times to tighten ropes we awoke to a totalled tarpaulin but our ground anchors never shifted an inch also.

      Thank you again for your feedback and happy outdooring! Best regards David

      Bending shaft

      Be Careful about the 3/8 shaft being bent by constant and extreme lateral pull. For a 2’ anchor, we’ve found that a 3/4” shaft is necessary. Small diameter long stakes thus become a one time tool. A bent one wobbles when reusing it and will widen the drill hole while penetrating subsequent ground.

      Hi Philip, yes indeed with very high - extremely high lateral loads it is absolutely possible to bend the shafts of the longer 2ft Pro II's. That can be avoided by angling the stake in the direction of the load. That will generally reduce the anchoring ability as there is less ground pressure higher up. For your information, we do have a commercial range about to launch in the USA. Currently available n AU. These have thicker shafts and be more in line with your application.

      thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      Best, David inventor/founder GroundGrabba

      Shawn Mccreary
      Not so great in rocky soil

      Could only get one of four in the ground

      Hello Shawn,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      The GroundGrabba Pro II (2ft) that you have purchased is best suited for soft sand to general ground.
      For harder rocky grounds we recommend our GroundGrabba Pro (1ft) however be aware that these are not designed to penetrate through rocks so it may be the case of moving around like one would with a general stake for ground anchoring.