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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Perfect for Oshkosh Airventure

      Took these to Oshkosh Airventure 2023. During my stay we had 2 big thunderstorms winds 40+mph. I used two of these per anchor point (i.e. 6 in total) along with the closed hooks (i put shackles on these to protect the rope from abrasion) with a load distributing rope tie between the two then going to aircraft tiedown. Plane did not move. Anchors did not move one bit from ground. Anchors were tied at ~45 deg in front and to side of each wing and about 2 feet away from the tail so as to AVOID a direct upward pull. As I mentioned I used 2 of these per tie down but you can probably just use one per tie down in the clay like soil of Oshkosh but I like the security/redundancy of using two. Used a simple 1/2" ratchet to get these in the ground very smoothly and quickly. Would 100% buy again. The plane in that soil was secured solid in the big winds we encountered during the storms. That said, folks used much less systems without issues but I wouldn't bet on those. These worked amazing and will continue using these next time I go to Airventure for the peace of mind. Very happy with my purchase.

      Hi Peter,

      Huge THANK YOU for taking the effort to type such a comprehensive report / review of your light aircraft application use. In fact, I think yours is the very first review for light aircraft least that I can remember. Using two per tie down sure increased your loading capacity! Good to know the anchors never shifted too and your aircraft remains unscathed by the storms.

      Thank you again.

      Best Regards

      David Levine
      Inventor - Founder

      Robert Meigs
      Easy install

      Had a layer of rocky soil and the anchors were easy to install with tools I had around the house, no special tools required

      Hey Robert, Thank you for making the effort to let others know of your experience using GroundGrabba's.
      Best regards, David Levine

      Bruce Geil
      Nice Product

      Using a set to hold down some portable solar panels. Based on calculations the panels could see over 1000lb of force in 70 MPH winds. We have had 55 MPH winds and the mix of GroundGrabba Pro and Pro 1's have held strong. Have very rocky ground and all of them went in with out too much problem using either an electric drill or battery powered impact gun used for lug nuts. Highly recommend.

      Hello Bruce, Thank you for leaving your review to let us know of your success holding down your solar panels in those strong winds. Perhaps you maybe interested in this Au blog.
      It is about testing our new commercial ground anchor range for a portable solar farm installation. Thank you again.

      Best regards


      Hugh Stockler
      Better than expected

      I anchor a 10x15 commercial canopy for events - had looked at some screw type anchors previously, but the reviews were mixed and it didn't seem like the durability was quite there. After 2 years of using 42" double-head tent stakes (absolutely miserable to work with), I found GroundGrabba and decided to give them a shot.

      They exceeded my expectations in every way. Installation and removal is a breeze with a cordless impact wrench. Exceptional holding strength. The closed hooks are very nice to use with ratchet straps. I hated the aesthetic (and trip hazard) of large stakes, as they have to be installed at an angle to get good holding strength. The GroundGrabba has great strength installed straight vertical and is extremely low profile when installed.

      After using several times, I have zero concerns about holding strength or durability. Well worth the money - I feel that they paid for themselves on the first use, just based on ease of installation vs large stakes.

      Thank you GroundGrabba.

      Hello Hugh, Thank you so much for taking the time to write your detailed review of our products. We REALLY appreciate it. :) I am very happy you have had such a great experience using them.

      As always, I am personally interested for feedback good or otherwise that can help us improve if needs be.

      Best regards David Levine Inventor and founder of GroundGrabba. :)

      Philip Steen
      new design, material

      This is the 2nd set of GroundGrabba I have ordered. Not sure the difference in the 2 however a few things that are causing issues.
      1. The head is a small size for drill them into the ground.
      2. For some reason the do not go in OR out very well compared to the first version we ordered. Having to apply significant for on the frill to drive them in vs the older model. Same thing taking them out.

      Hi Philip, Thank you for taking the time to give us your and others your thoughts. It is appreciated.
      You are quite correct that we now have a different, smaller hex size. The background is shifting our manufacturing from China to now in the USA. We searched high and low for a forger who could or would recreate our 34' hex head sizes onto the same shaft so that they would remain the same. No one we approached would forge a hex size any larger than 5/8'. We spent 9 months searching which put us very much behind in our process and ran out of inventory as a result of the time it took for us to find what we wanted. No one in the USA we got in touch with would do it and we most definitely wanted to bring home to the USA the manufacturing process. I completely empathise to carry now two different hex socket sizes can be an additional hassle.

      With regards to how easily or difficult they go into the ground, I have no explanation for that other than the possibility that the ground you tried them on was harder than you experienced with our Chinese made ones. The new US made ones have slightly thicker steel flights though and substantial full penetrating welding this time around.

      If you are not satisfied you have the option to return these at our expense for a full refund.

      Thank you once again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      David Levine
      Inventor - Founder GroundGrabba