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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Michael Patterson
      Great product

      I have used twice now and very impressed with how sturdy and strong they are. One you get them in the ground fall enough it's not going anywhere. I have used them for camping stakes and hold up better then the stakes the tent comes with.

      Thanks for your review Michael.

      If we can help you with anything to do with GroundGrabba or ground anchoring please let us know.

      Thank you again.

      Best Regards

      David Levine


      Phillip Lee
      Glad I….

      I initially purchased the GG Lites because I was headed out to do several days of beach camping. Sadly the GG Lites were not able to grab the sand and secure my tent, luckily I also picked up some GG Pros and they worked perfectly. No worries the GG Lites will get another chance before the month’s end.

      Hi Phillip, Thank you for taking the time to write your review about the GroundGrabba Lites.
      The GroundGrabba Lites as you are aware come with a built-in hook, whereas our GroundGrabba Pro series do not have a built in hook but rather several different adaptors for different uses and functions.

      The hook on the GroundGrabba lite is to encourage the use of guy ropes at an angle from the load. These are not for a vertical load in sand as they will come out fairly easily. If placed on an angle away from the load, they tend to hold quote well but if you want serious anchoring in sand then the GroundGrabba Pro I (18') is great and the GroundGrabba Pro II (24') is the ultimate for vertical or angled loads.

      Here are a few tips for installing GroundGrabba Lites.

      The trick is to screw them into the sand slowly with a matched downward force of your body weight until you feel them bite and then you can increase the speed and reduce your down weight..

      GroundGrabba Pro's are not designed for sand as they are only 12' long and have half width flights, making them ideal for harder and more dense ground.

      Thank you again for taking the time to share your review. I/we appreciate it.

      Best Regards

      David Levine,

      Inventor/Founder GroundGrabba