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GROUNDGRABBA - Heavy Duty Ground Anchoring Solutions
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      Customer Reviews

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      ClosedHook 6 or 12 Pack

      Spencer Knoch
      What a design of genius!!!

      So many positives about the closed hook design. I actually wish they had been like this all along. We use Ground Grabbas in so many ways and now it’s just easier all the way around. We use them at the beach for our canopy and now we don’t have to worry about dropping/loosing one in the sand from the beach cart. Which has happened. And now we can lock stuff up just about anywhere with a locking cable and one in the ground. On the last trip I had a 30’ cable through the closed loop, two kayaks, 4 bikes, a Yeti, and a couple paddle boards. You can basically secure something anywhere you want. Plus what ever shelter you are tying down will be extra secure because everything is connected and can’t come loose unless you take it apart. Set it up, and forget about it.

      HI Spencer, Thank you so much for your feedback!
      We appreciate your words. It is a bit of a process developing new accessories that help improve applications and user experience. And as I always say...I/we are happy to get feedback and or suggestions positive or otherwise. Thank you again for taking the time to leave your review. David