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      HexHook Pro

      Setting up a tent can be a daunting process when you don’t have the right accessories. An unsecured tent or a poorly anchored tent can be a safety risk to the users. At GroundGrabba, we bring you a revolutionary solution to your tent anchoring needs. Our Hexhook Pro lag bolt hooks allow you to secure your tent ropes or tensioning device to ground anchors ensuring your tent remains in position and isn’t blown away by strong winds. 

      Versatile tent hooks

      Our Tent HexHooks easily slip onto the heads of your GroundGrabbas or ground anchoring stakes or lag bolts. Their ease-of-use ensures that you are seamlessly secure and anchor your boat, tent, or other equipment in place in a short time. Whether you’re setting up your tent in the desert sand or on the beach, these tent hooks are versatile, strong, and durable. 

      Numerous applications

      Our anchoring stakes or pegs aren’t just designed for securing tents - they can also work in many other applications. You can use them to anchor boats along the beach to ensure they aren’t swept away by strong ocean currents. You may also use them to secure ropes on screw-in stakes to secure light aircraft within grass airfields. 

      When doing filming actions, you want to ensure a strong rigging system for the accessories, so our Tent HexHooks come in handy. Our Tent HexHooks could be used or adapted when anchoring outdoor play equipment including trampolines, jumping castles, and cubby houses. If you’re driving through rough, mountainous terrain, you want to consider having the Hexhook Pro to help with ground anchoring.  

      The hooks also double up as beer openers, so you will find them a handy piece when going caravanning, camping, and other outdoor events in the USA.

      Buy tent hooks from us to ensure durability, versatility, and wide applications. You will also enjoy their fast rope and tension device securing action. GroundGrabba Hexhook Pro is your preferred tent hook system for anchoring applications in many industries.