GroundGrabba Pro II

600mm long. Excellent for anchoring large tarps and pop ups even in sand.


GroundGrabba Pro II The Heavy Duty Screw In Tent Peg For Sand Or Normal Grounds

With the GroundGrabba Pro II, It doesn’t matter if you are putting up signs around your business, setting up vendor tent gazebo’s for a party or event, tying down patio furniture, or need reliable metal screw-in tent pegs to ground your camping tent – there is a primal  need to keep your stuff protected and secure. With our Galvanised Heat Treated Carbon Steel metal ground peg stakes, you can feel confident that whatever you are anchoring will remain intact and safe, regardless of weather conditions. GroundGrabba the heavy duty screw in tent peg for sand or other substrates. This is YOUR stuff and nothings going to mess with it.


  • Peg flights tear into the substrate for an ultimate grip
  • Drill action operates smoothly for simple, fast insertion
  • Lightening-fast setup and pull down
  • Can be used for permanent ground anchoring
  • Perfect addition to your camping equipment arsenal
  • Secure. Great peace of mind your campsite will stay put
  • Life-time replacement warranty

Please Note: These are not toys. You will need a powerful drill and will also need to drill a pilot hole of at least 10mm x 300mm if attempting to use these in hard ground.

From the softest Simpson Desert to the hardest Outback Desert Clay Pan, GroundGrabba Pro II will anchor and hold whatever you need secured.  These truly are heavy duty screw in tent pegs. Actually they are more than that. These are Heavy Duty Drill Driven Screw-In Tent Peg GROUND ANCHORS.   Check out our in sand sideways pull test carried out at Lennox Head Beach.

The test clearly shows the tremendous holding power of our screw in sand peg into sand.

See independent test review here.

Next take a look at our sideways pull tension test into a campground near Grafton on the Nymboida river.

This video shows something that happened during our screw in tent peg test that caught us by total surprise!

Now we were prepared a little more lets see just how much tension it takes to pull out these amazing heavy duty drill driven screw in sand pegs that are not just for sand.

The thing is back over 2000 years ago when the romans invented the steel hammer in peg stake there were no cordless battery drills or else they’d invented these.  lol.

Todays modern tech savvy camper likes to take quality camping equipment with them. They like to be prepared and so will take things like solar panels, auxiliary deep cycle batteries, solar regulators, 240v inverters, portable fridges, LED lighting, pedestal fans and even TV’s.  Now it is time to take with you quality heavy duty screw-in tent pegs like the GroundGrabba Pro II.  These babies are the ultimate in drill driven screw in tent pegs for sand.  But more than that….for normal campground too, especially if you have really large tarps or shading to hold down.

There are so many more applications for our GroundGrabba Pro II’s like securing your hammock or your 4WD awning on the beach. Back at home you can use them in the garden for landscaping or securing down the basketball hoop.    Check out our GroundGrabba applications page.

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The Heavy Duty Screw-In Tent Peg For Sand

GroundGrabba Pro II is like no other screw in tent peg.  From its 600mm long shaft and its wide flights(wings) designed to anchor deep our GroundGrabba Pro II is a Heavy Duty Screw-In Tent Peg For Sand and other ground types too. Brilliant in the desert sand dunes, beach sand or your average campground too.


  • Made of heat-treated steel
  • Galvanised for anti-corrosion
  • Weight 454g
  • Length 600mm
  • Shaft thickness 10mm
  • Flights (spirals) 14mm wide, 2mm thick
  • 19mm hex head with collar
  • 1000nm>  torque rating
  • Personally tested to over 500kg of sideways tension in beach sand
  • Personally tested to over 1000kg of sideways tension in camp ground

Lifetime Warranty

GroundGrabba is made to last! Every GroundGrabba steel product comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty against breakage, manufacturer defects or wearing out. If you ever encounter a problem with your Heavy Duty Screw-In Tent Peg Steel Pro products, simply let us know and we’ll replace it immediately — no questions asked*.

Sand Dune, Beach Sand, Campground or Back Yard

GroundGrabba Pro II excel in beach sand or in the sand dunes of even the Simpson Desert. Keep half a dozen of these in your 4WD to hold your awning  at the beach or for a tea break on the side of the track in the Simpson. These are not just your average sand peg or your average screw in tent peg, these are Heavy Duty Screw-In Tent Peg Peg For Sand or Other Ground types too.  Ground anchors you can deploy whenever and wherever you find a need. See our ground anchor applications page for more details.

Will Your Cordless Drill Have enough Oomph?

Because these really are "pro" grade fixings your average cordless drill may not have enough torque. We highly recommend a 18V tradesman quality brand brushless motor with torque over 60Nm. We use a Makita brushless with 125Nm.  Be careful though and hold your drill really tight and exercise extreme caution with that much torque. See our safety tips here. Remember these truly are Heavy Duty Screw-In Tent Pegs not toys.

Independent Test Review carried out a independent test review of many different brand and types of screw in tent peg stake ground anchors alike. Mark Allen who wrote the article went to great lengths to make sure the tests were unbiased and as accurate as he could. Take a look at his article from issue 31 and page 157. In his Article GroundGrabba placed the highest in all but one test......check the results and Marks concluding statement.

* conditions apply


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 24 × .75 × .75 in


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