GroundGrabba Lite

40cm long made for soft & loose grounds


The GroundGrabba Lite is an incredible anchor for sand and loose and sandy grounds for securing tents, tarps, canopies, or other outdoor shelters in common sand and loose soft grounds. It screws into the sand or loose soft ground using a good, quality cordless drill 18V minimum with at least 60Nm of torque or by hand, providing a swift, safe, and secure setup along the beach or in dunes. Made of the toughest glass reinforced nylon to give you the toughest lightest composite material, the GroundGrabba Lite is the ’Recreational-Grade tent peg-stake you need to enhance your beach and sand dune camping experience.

Please Note: The harder the ground and the deeper you drill, the higher the torque that is needed.  If your drill is not at least 18V and have at least 60Nm of torque you may not be able to drive these into the ground.

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400mm long made for soft & loose grounds.

  • Peg-stake flights tear into sand for an ultimate grip
  • Drill action operates smoothly for simple, biting insertion
  • Lightening-fast setup keeps you doing more of the fun things
  • Perfect addition to your camping equipment arsenal


  • Glass-reinforced nylon
  • 400mm length
  • 74mm max width hook to hex collar
  • 48mm max flight (spiral) width
  • 15mm max shaft thickness
  • 19mm hex head
  • 12mm hex depth
  • 11mm x 14mm hook thickness
  • 21mm hook inner diameter
  • 215 grams
  • orange in colour

The GroundGrabba Lite comes with a 12 month manufacturers defect replacement warranty.

Additional information

Weight .38 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 × 3 × 2 in


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